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Faced with other oncological immunotherapy alternatives that remain complex, very expensive and require a dedicated and specific infrastructure as well as multidisciplinary staff , we are preparing the entry into the clinical phase of an autologous immunostimulating therapeutic vaccine, one of the objectives of which is to remain simple in implementation and easily affordable from an economic as well as from a logistical environment point of view. 

The strengths of this innovation are in:

-      the absence of intrinsic toxicity of the biomedicine since it is composed only of hydoxyapatite known for its perfect toxicological safety (retraction in orthopaedics and dermatology) and the patient's autologous tumour material,

-      extreme specificity and personalisation of the treatment to the patient and his pathology,

-      full compatibility of the treatment with other alternatives in chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy,

-      the ability to adapt to the evolution of the genetics of tumour cells during the natural history of the disease since it will be sufficient to re-vaccinate from a biopsy,

-      simplicity and speed of implementation of the treatment from collection, within 48 hours,

-      economic and logistical accessibility of the treatment since it does not require a cytapheresis-type structure,

-      works are underway which would make it possible, with certain indications, to plan the preparation of the treatment from circulating tumour cells rather than from a biopsy.