Several competitive advantages

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An effective treatment without side effects

Effective, since it acts against the escape mechanism of cancer as a whole

Safe, since it uses a hydroxyapatite vector known for its safety and biocompatibility and has never led to a side effect reported to date. Usable in combination with all conventional therapies, it is also compatible with long-term treatment

Personalised and adaptable treatment

Personalised, since it is specifically prepared for the cancer of each individual

Adaptable, since in the event of relapse, it makes it possible to re-intervene by preparing a new vaccine derived from a new sample, in order to adapt the treatment to the evolution of the disease

Simple and accessible treatment

Simple, since it works from a technology that is easy to implement and industrialise and does not involve genetic engineering or cellular engineering. This involves extraction, purification and "vectorised" injection of proteins.

Economic, since its cost is estimated to be 10 times cheaper than that of competing treatments. Its manufacturing process and distribution channel, much less complex than those of other immunotherapies, do not limit its distribution to specialised centres only.

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