APAVAC treatment is now considered a standard in the treatment of diffuse large cell B-cell lymphoma in dogs.

We learn every day more about its clinical results on other types of cancers such as hemangiosarcomas, osteosarcomas, oral melanomas, squamous cell and breast carcinomas.

It is therefore to be considered in several types of cancer and well tolerated in dogs, cats, horses and new pets such as ferrets, rabbits, etc.

This treatment is said to be personalised because it is manufactured directly from the tumour of each animal, in the clinic, using a simple protocol. This vaccine is therefore specific for the tumour to be treated. It will be administered as subcutaneous injections with little pain and without side effects.

Unlike other types of cancer treatment, it is not dangerous to the animal's environment and does not require isolation.

These strengths make APAVAC a treatment of choice for cancer, alone or in addition to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery to give the best chance of recovery.